Mid Western Buildings offers quality, durable, and long-lasting post frame building packages for all types of projects. These buildings serve as economical solutions for storage, garages, agricultural needs, and more! Our high quality post frames are a cost-effective, quick solution for all kinds of constructional requirements. While they considerably cut the amount of time and money spent on a project, they deliver several other benefits as well.

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Quick Construction

Pole barns can effectively reduce the construction period to half of what the conventional methods require. Moreover, they eliminate the need to halt the process due to weather and other outdoor factors.


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Strength and Flexibility

Contrary to the popular belief, metal post frame buildings are durable and flexible as buildings constructed through conventional methods. The columns in the ground add greatly to the stability and resistance of the building.


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Lower Cost

The main reason behind the unbelievably low cost of post frame buildings is minimal labor requirement. Since wood is cheaper than steel and concrete, using it as the major component considerably decreases the cost of material.


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Sustainability and Efficiency

One major contributing factor in post and beam popularity is their sustainable and energy efficient nature. Made from renewable and recyclable resources, the structure and columns of a post frame building have very low heat conductivity.



  • Open Porches

  • Enclosed Lean-To's

  • Overhead Doors, Sliding Doors, Entry Doors, Dutch Doors, Service Doors, and etc

  • Standard Windows, Dutch Windows, and etc

  • Wainscoting

  • Ceiling Vapor Barrier / Vapor Insulation, Roof Vapor Barrier / Vapor Insulation, Wall Vapor Barrier / Vapor Insulation

  • Laminated Posts

  • Angle Cut Opening

  • Eyebrows

  • Weather Vanes

  • Eave Overhang, Gable Overhang

  • Wainscoting

  • Sky Lights, Side Lights, Panel Lights, and etc

  • Soffit

  • Cupolas

  • Continuous Ridge Vent

  • Post Rot Protection

  • Roof Sheathing

…And More!


Outside of the inherent benefits of pole barns, high-quality products from Mid Western Buildings offer these great features, in addition to many more:


  • 40 year paint warranty

  • Energy Star rated paint system

  • 21 colors to choose from

  • Galvalume® substrated

  • 6×6 treated posts .60 CCA

  • 8′ o.c. posts standard

  • 2×8 treated skirt board

  • Endwall posts extend to top cord of truss

  • Engineered roof trusses: 48″ o.c.

  • All purlins and girts: 24″ o.c.

  • 4″ Galvanized pole barn nails for truss carriers, skirt board and wall girts

  • All steel service doors

  • Rat guard standard

  • Erection drawing with every purchase

Important Storage Instructions! 

Metal which is not intended for immediate use must be stored in a well-ventilated and dry area. Avoid outdoor storage as it could cause moisture between the sheets of painted metal. Constant condensation between the panels may result in white rust, water stains, and/or paint flaking immediately or several years later.            

Let us help you build your tomorrow!